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December 1, 2008
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Werewolf Plains
Vampire Lust and the Silver Awakening</a>

I lay in the patch of leaves next to a sleeping Nami. I had taken a short nap during the later night hours, around 4 or 5. I'm not exactly nocturnal, the sunlight still seeped into the cave. Yawning uneasily, I notice something on the roof of the cavern. I stare at it for a moment. Then, I notice wings, ears, tiny fangs.
That can't be the Vampire that seemed to have been stalking me, could it? Is it trying to kill me? Are they planing to attack the Werewolf pack? They seemed to have been avoiding that though. How strange. I kept thinking about this, staring up at it. Hopping not to wake Nami, I get up. I try to wake it up, blowing on it to see if it rocked a little to the side.
It wakes up with a start, then panics a bit and starts flying around. I knew it must have had a hard time flying through that vegetation, it may not be able to escape now.
It flew around in circles, then to the deeper part of the cave where sunbeams didn't reach at all. It landed at the top of the waterfall. It spat at me, I notice when it looked me in the eyes it stopped, panicked again and fell into the water.
Nami turned in her sleep. I slowly got into the water and swam over to it. I got close enough to it, I scooped it up into my paws and brought it to the edge of the water. I got startled when it turned into its human-like form and started coughing. He sat up after a moment, his dark black, short hair covered one of his green eyes. Hes body and face looked like a teenager but as I heard that Vampires can look like that at will, no matter how old. He looked around 14 but was probably 145 or so. I noticed he kept his bat ears out. They flickered, his face started to redden.
I got up onto land “What are you doing here? You aren't aloud here, like your leader said.”
“I-I'm sorry, names Hack” he seemed to blush more, staring at the water.
I tilted my head in wonder then let out a snort “You better go, Hack, I don't want Nami to wake up and see you.”
He looked a bit surprised by the words. He stood up and gave me a worried glance that I recognized. He turned into a bat again and hung to the celling.
I stared at him again. “You need to leave.”
“I'm a V-vampire, remember...”
I looked over to the sun lit vines. I sighed and sat down “Alright. I'll keep u covered till tonight.” I still noticed his black fur cheeks were slightly pink. I felt a bit strange about it, but ignored it.
“You know, doing this may cause something, I'm new, but I don't think the Vampire leader will not notice your gone.” A sigh came from the tiny winged rodent. He flew to the top of the waterfall and hung to the small cavern the water came out from.
Nami woke up and stretched behind me “Who were you talking to?”
“Um, no one, Nami”
“Okay.” she gave me her usual smile.

Nami was about to crawl back onto the pile of leave. There was a howl outside, sending chills down our spines. The great howl seemed unfamiliar, I've heard Polter's howl, but just, none like this.
Nami seemed to be panicking, she rushed over to the entrance, looked back at me and made a hand signal to follow. I did as she gestured and ran after her, leaving the little Vampire alone.
A huge, bulging werewolf stood on the ledge which was probably for gathering purposes. He had scares all over him, very old ones though. A scar across his left eye and Vampire bite marks on the left side of his head, muscles rippled every move he made. His black tipped tail swayed side to side in a lethal roar.

I see Polter come out of his den, joining the howl, but more with anger than a meeting call.
“Barthal! Leave the premises! Only I can call a meeting, and at this time you'll help humans find this place!”
Most of the pack were still asleep, some half awake, others growling up at the brave warrior. I stood there next to Nami, with some mothers, staring up at the huge beast. Fear struck my heart when he jumped down from his perch, right in front of me.
“You.” he growled as deep as he could, scrawling at me. “I challenge you o mighty 'Silver Wolf'” he crushed the name with an overpowering voice that almost made me fall on my back.
Polter growled and screamed at him, sending a even bigger message. If that was possible. A few other wolves took Barthal down, holing him into another part of the forest. Nami grabbed my arm and rushed me back into the nursing hollow.
“I'm sorry Ormal. He's a brute. He usually picks on the people who are known to be strong and challenge their strength against him. He's been through many wars with the Vampires, brutally beaten, bitten, stabbed through the chest, anything you can think of, he lived through it all. We sometimes call him immortal. After all the battles, not once did he come to me.”
I shivered “I can tell from the wounds and...he had human clothing around his legs!”
“Yes. Pants as they call them? Ripped and torn from his massive size and stained with his and other characters' blood.”
I let out a short wine “Where was he taken to...?”
“An execution chamber.”
“HUH?!” I yelled so loud it echoed out into the clearing and other wolves dens.
“Sh!” She warned me, “Polter may lose his temper again. He's not going to be executed, only  jailed for the day. Now get to sleep, you need to get used to the idea that we are nocturnal, your only used to the sunlight.”
“Alright....” I lay next to her and tried to fall asleep.

I wake up, glad to see I'm in the same den, instead of kidnapped for the third time. I turn over to see Nami gone. I heard her voice from behind the waterfall. I jumped when I felt breathing on my back. I turn to see Hack trying to bite my neck. I got up and kicked him to the side.
He hit the wall, fainted. I sigh “Whats up with this guy....” He suddenly popped back up and stood in front of me, his innocent blush seemed to darken the more I was around him. I raised an eyebrow “What the hell was that for?”
“I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, theres something about you...” He looked away.
I noticed I started to blush slightly, I snorted and turned away “Doesn't mean you have to go around trying to bite me, you flea”
I didn't look at him, I walked to the nursing area. I sensed his misery. “Leave before Nami sees you. It's Dawn.”
“But the other Werewolves-”
“Find a way” I growled. Feeling my aggressiveness kicking in I hit my side, I never really do lose control, I've never been around so many different and new faces before.
He sighed “Good-bye, love,” he turned to his bat form and flew out of the cave, I noticed he sounded too defeated to even care if a wolf saw him.
I felt tired again. I heard a loud noise. I sigh and run out of the cave “Hack!”
I hear a squeak from above, I feel like an idiot shouting his name like that. Ter was chasing him up the wall, swinging one arm in front of the other with his powerful legs bursting behind him. Hack squeaked louder, more afraid then ever.
Then, I do the dumbest thing of all.
I take in energy from the moon, in front of every pack member, including Nami. Take my fist, burn a hole into the side of the mountain. Ter lost his balance and fell to his doom. I seemed to disappear and appear under him, making it seem like he landed on his feat.
They all stared at me, amazed, completely forgetting about Hack, a trespasser from the Vampire side of the forest. Ter ran to Polters side “See! I told you sir!” But he didn't answer.
The silver glare on my fur disappeared after a moment. I fell on my knees and cough reluctantly. Nami walked over to me and picked me up, she took me back into the cave once more. I look over at the leader, Polter, he gazed at me with more fear that could be  imagined in Werewolves.

“Have you heard of the legends that humans turn into Werewolves in the moonlight?”
“Yes, actually, they were the first I've ever heard in my pup hood.”
“Well good. As most stories that you know, most are true, like Indians” she touched her the feathers on the white rope around her head. “And truth be told, there are such things as human like werewolves. Though, like I've heard, humans with fur on their faces, have no snouts, way to human like, their aren't very real. Here there are many things that have to be learned. Medofes Forest is home to one specie of Werewolf. Actually, the only one left. Humans wiped out all the existing human-like werewolves. But it seems I've made a huge discovery. You are the last one.”
My eyes widened, I scooted back “But-”
“There is no way to get around it. These wolves were said to take in the silver of the moon and use it in their power, causing them to be stronger then even Barthal. That must explain all this.”
And there it was, the whole truth, so simple, so easily constructed into a few sentences. What I am. But I still had questions that Nami may not answer. Nothing is ever so simple.
“These can transform into a human?”
“I'm not sure. But I did hear, actually lived around the time, that humans had found out about these beasts living among them, attacked them in the daylight, and killed them off. There were very few. Maybe, one per city. They were all found out. Somehow. Since you know humans, I'd bet you'd know their intellectual minds?”
“I do, they are incredible at times, but just plain dumb at others, putting all their fear together and killing off their own kind even. Just because of the different colored skins.”
“I have heard of that. They called it slavery, but its over. Now that they know you were alive, living with them all-”
“Well, no, only a few humans, none others. The city never knew I existed.”
“I see. I'm guess your partner must have been gifted.”
“Amithis, yes he certainly was.”
She smiled “You better be careful about this around Polter. He's a bit like humans at time, scared of anything stronger than him.”
“Thank you, Nami. Your so trust worthy.”
“Your my friend, even if you have been here only a day or two, I feel close, we've accomplished a lot in this short time.”
I grinned and hugged her “But, theres one more thing I must say.”
“That would be?”
“I think I'm falling in love with a Vampire...”

sorry i'm a day late =P
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